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Technics RS1500 009_edited
Sansui G-8000
Sony TC-366  Luxman Deck
Techinics SU-7100 Amplifier
Teac X1000R
Luxman pre and power amplifier

Specialist test and repair of vintage valve and transistor hifi audio equipment, amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and reel to reel tape recorders. 

Building and rebuilding of valve amplifiers, custom builds.

Service, Repair & Builds


  • Reel to reel tape machine servicing and repair

  • Amplifiers: integrated, power and pre, service and repairs 

  • Custom valve amplifier build and re-build




For Sale


We occasionally have  tape machines for sale either from our personal collection or from people who contact us with a view to disposal.  If you are looking for a specific machine or just some advice then let us know



Thinking of buying a tape recorder and not sure where to start, take a look at what we think.



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  • Superior knowledge, skill and service.

  • Very good rates

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We are always interested in adding to our collection of reel to reel tape recorders and other vintage audio equipment, working or not contact us before you bin it!

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Sansui G-8000