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Over many decades Stephen has amassed a private collection of reel to reel tape machines and accessories and occasionally machines will be available for sale. Currently a Sony TC-377 (7" spool) tape deck, Tascam BR20, professional mastering machine, a Revox A77 and a rare high speed G36 two track valve tape recorder are available.  If any of these pique your interest please do contact us. 

Brenell Mini 8 013.JPG

Generally machines are sold in full working order, serviced, aligned and calibrated. However, if you are looking for a project and are handy with a soldering iron, a Brenell Mini 8 one inch tape machine is available, partly restored some ten years ago, to complete the project and to get this rare machine back to its former glory, a full recap of the  audio circuits is required; complete with remote control and vari-speed unit.  

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