Repair and service of all types of analogue audio equipment and custom builds, provided equipment is delivered and collected to and from our premises near Guildford in Surrey. We will not undertake unpacking, packing or shipping under any circumstances.   
Reel to reel tape recorders


We specialise in the repair and service of high end domestic and semi-professional reel to reel tape machines such as those by Teac, Tascam, Revox, Akai, Pioneer, Technics and Sony. 


Due to limited spares availability and questionable economic viability we unfortunately do not service or repair basic domestic tape recorders such as those by Bang and Olufsen, Grundig, Philips, Ferrograph, Tandberg, Ferguson, Elizabethan or Fidelity.

We do not service cassette or DAT machines.

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Amplifiers - Pre-amps


The amplifier is the heart of an audio system, often left switched on for many hours they inevitably suffer  failure. Worst still are those that have been stored unloved for many years and are unlikely to work as intended.


Some of the greats of the audio world of the 60s through to the 80s are as good and often better than current generation products, and well worth repairing. 





Other things !


We are occasionally asked to build new special purpose equipment, or modify existing equipment to meet a specific need.  For example, a professional sound  engineer recently asked us to customise a Tascam tape deck to allow the creation of 'true' tape effects.


The modifications included, varible speed with remote control from other equipment, controlled erase and bias, (to distort the sound) tape echo control and, modification of the transport so tape loops could be used.