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We specialise in the repair and service of reel to reel tape recorders as outlined below, provided equipment is delivered and collected to and from our premises near Guildford in Surrey.  We will not undertake unpacking, packing or shipping under any circumstances. 
Reel to reel tape recorders


We specialise in the repair and service of high end domestic and semi-professional reel to reel tape machines such as those by Teac, Tascam, Revox, Akai, Pioneer, Technics and Sony. 


Due to limited spares availability and questionable economic viability we unfortunately do not service or repair basic domestic tape recorders such as those by Bang and Olufsen, Grundig, Philips, Ferrograph, Tandberg, Ferguson, Elizabethan or Fidelity.

We do not service cassette or DAT machines.

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Cylinder Phonograph
Custom Builds


Sometimes it’s simply not possible to buy a piece of audio equipment that fulfils a specific need. In this situation a custom build might be the only solution.


Our most recent development is an Edison cylinder phonograph, this unit was built from scratch and uses a mix of digital and analogue systems to control the speed of the cylinder and to accurately track either two or four minute cylinders with no adjustment; the machine is at prototype stage at present and may be developed further if enough interest is shown.  


Other projects have included building valve pre-amplifiers, based on an old design to provide adjustable equalisation for playing early 78RPM records. Following on from this we designed and built a solid state pre-amplifier providing even greater flexibility and a very much lower noise floor.

Other things !


We are occasionally asked to build new special purpose equipment, or modify existing equipment to meet a specific need.  For example, a professional sound  engineer recently asked us to customise a Tascam tape deck to allow the creation of 'true' tape effects.


The modifications included, varible speed with remote control from other equipment, controlled erase and bias, (to distort the sound) tape echo control and, modification of the transport so tape loops could be used.

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